Johnson County is a dynamic and diversified marketplace which has skilled workers to fit your needs.

The workforce that supports your facility is a key factor to your success.  Johnson County not only has access to a large recruitment area, but resources to help you gain, maintain and excel your team.

Recruitment Area:

Travel time in the Johnson County Region is 1 mile=1 minute, a great asset to employers when recruiting their workforce.

Radius Map

Workforce Training Resource:

  • Central Nine- Johnson County offers great vocational and trade school options.  The Central Nine programs are among the best available and can be held onsite at your facility.
  • WorkOne- Perhaps the best kept secret in Indiana is the excellent training provided by the Offices of the Department of Workforce Development’s WorkOne system.  In addition to testing and assessment for industry,training and skills enhancement courses are ongoing and can be tailored to the needs of specific industry.
  • Ivy Tech Community Colleges: A great resource for our local companies.  Ivy Tech offers standard state wide programs in addition to customizing a plan to your specific training needs.  The Franklin Campus allows close proximity to your company in Johnson County for specific training needs that you may have.

Recruitment Resource:

  • Department of Workforce Development’s WorkOne system.
  • Over 7 Staffing Agencies within Johnson County
  • Over 15 Universities and Colleges within a 90 minute drive.